Social development is one of the most important processes of childhood and adolescence. From the early stages of infancy attachment to the capacity for intimacy as an adult, a child’s level of socialization predicts his or her success and happiness in life several times better than IQ or achievement in school! Friendships certainly do matter and they have not been given the attention deserved in the last few decades.

As a parent, if you are sensing delays in your child’s capacity to connect with you, other family members, or peers, exploring his or her potential social difficulties is at least as important to overall development as are school matters. Children who are not establishing at least one close friendship outside of the family (as well as extended family) or progressing in the social arena over the course of a school year can be at risk for developing inflexible negative outlooks on themselves, their abilities, and their self-worth.

Identifying a child’s difficulties within the social domain is an important factor for his or her overall sense of security and confidence in the world. Special techniques or tools might be needed to help your child master important social-emotional milestones. If your child has not been connecting with others as expected, the MindMatters Social Development Program can provide support for this major aspect of life.


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